Hello Loves, 

My name is Rebecca, Welcome to bexLOVESbooks!

A Little bit about me, I'm Madly in LOVE and 
Happily Married! We have seven (yes, 7) amazing kiddos.
While I love all of life's many splendid moments with them, 
I also treasure my escape, going on adventures and falling in
love every time I open a book. 
I've lived in Sunny California my whole life, 
our family moved to Utah last summer! We survived
our first REAL winter, and loved the snow!

I have 3 major passions in life:
1) My Family, our time, our love, our adventures.
2) Photography, I'm a professional photographer. 
3) Reading! Which brings us to this lovely book blog! 

One thing that was really important to me when I started
this blog is promising myself that it will never make 
reading a chore, that it will aways be my passion, so 
I've decided to only take on books to review that I am 
excited to read. Authors I love, or stories that pull
me in right from the blurb. So I won't be attempting 
to review any and every book, but I will give my time, 
my whole attention, and my heart, to each book I do review. 



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