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ARC Review & Release Blitz: SWEETEST VENOM (Virtue #2) by Mia Asher


I fell in love with a lie …
She was beauty and destruction.
Kissing her was a tender song.
Fucking her, a wild poem.
Loving her, my downfall.
But she was mine.
Or so I thought.

I told her I wanted her body
and not her love.
I lied.

One man offered me his love.
The other, the world.
I’m falling, falling, falling …
And there’s no end in sight.

This is the SECOND Book in the Virtue Duet. You can read my review of Easy Virtue (Virtue #1) by Clicking HERE, and you can purchase it on Amazon for just 99 pennies by Clicking HERE

"She once was heaven and now she's the hell I'm living in."


I mean... Holy SHIT where to start with this book! Easy Virtue absolutely gutted me. It was beautiful and tragic and I loved every second of it. But Sweetest Venom went SO. MUCH. DEEPER! It just hurt, I physically ached for all three main characters the whole way through this emotional, wild ride. 

I so deeply loved Blair, Ronan, and Lawrence. And the hard truth is that there was no way for this series to go with out breaking multiple hearts. Truly damaging souls. 

Three beautifully broken people, who have been through hell and back, who have gone to battle with themselves to get to this place where they can finally put themselves out there to GIVE & RECEIVE Love. But there are one two many people in this equation. And unfortunately for me this is not a menage book. Damn. 

There was no ending that I was hoping for, knowing that in the end, someone, if not everyone would end up with a broken heart. And there was no one character who I hadn't already given my heart to. So this was a very emotional ride for me the whole way through. But I enjoyed every second of it!

The way this series played out for me was much like a relationship. Book One I swooned so hard for Law & Ronin. I had a major girl crush on Blaire and just loved all the banter with Law and Ronin, I loved getting to know their characters. But in SWEETEST VENOM, as I said it goes so much deeper. You get to know so much more about Law, you see so many more dimensions to his character, you learn why he has built walls and foundations around his heart and you just want to heal him. You also see another side to Sweet Ronan. A harder edge. But we are there with him as he builds up his walls and I just wanted to protect his sweet heart so bad. Blaire is as badass as ever but she is also aching. She has really learned so much about herself through the relationships she has built with these two men. Its been a self discovery as well as a wakeup call. When she looks in the mirror and sees past the beauty, she isn't happy with what she sees. 

This series is absolutely beautiful, emotional, thought provoking, erotic, a bit dark, but sweet too. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who's heart can handle an EPIC Love story with no apologies and zero bullshit. 

"I will forget you Blaire, I will. 
I will conquer my love for you even if it costs me my own soul."

"Its better to live a life full of regrets then not live at all." He lowers his voice and adds huskily, 
"Let me show you how its done."

"The thing about happiness-beautiful chaos that it is-no matter how short or lasting this moment is, is that it makes you soar, it makes you want to dance and laugh. Happiness makes everything seem possible, and there's no better feeling then to share it with someone special."


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I believe in happy endings however I know that not everyone is lucky enough to get one, but such is life. I think fine lines exist to be pushed and possibly crossed.

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Blaire’s epic love story concludes in Sweetest Venom
by Mia Asher!


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