Wednesday, October 19, 2016

MINE TO PROTECT by Carolina Perla Release Blitz

S Y N O P S I S:
Squinting his eyes at me he says, “Where am I?” He suddenly becomes agitated and as strong as I may be, he is stronger. I call for reinforcement and give him a light sedative. Still rousable, he screams for help and I reassure him. “I got you soldier. You’re okay. Rest.” 

“Thank you Angel,” and before I know it he is asleep. 

The army is his safe haven. 

Away from his home in New York and away from his prominent and powerful family. Connor is currently deployed in Afghanistan and fights for his country alongside his team, who have now become his family. 

Together with his brothers, they have each other’s backs - until they are ambushed. Now an injured Connor finds comfort and stillness in the company of the beautiful Claire. He wants nothing but to keep her and protect her. 
When he learns Claire is to be kidnapped because of his family name, Connor is left with the decision. 

How do I protect her? 

I will protect you with everything I am.

E X C E R P T:

  As I’m in deep thought, I can feel her breathing change as she wakes up.  Kissing my chest, she peeks up at me.  “Hey honey, how long you been awake, and why didn’t you wake me or move me, I must be squashing you.”  Slightly lifting herself up, her eyes go wide and almost screams at me.  “Oh my god Connor, your ribs, they’re oozing, look.”  She says pointing at my ribs.
  Her eyes are so expressive.  Shaking her head, she begins pulling my bandages off.  I’m the one who wants to protect her, yet she’s the one who is looking after me.  I grab her hand so she’ll look at me, calm down.  “Baby, stop for a minute.  Look, it’s just a small ooze, and it’s probably all that betadine you applied so that it wouldn’t get infected.  Its fine baby, and you weren’t squashing me, I was actually enjoying holding you.  So how about you give me a proper good morning kiss?  We’ll go shower and then you can clean up wound my before we go to work?”
  She nods, not all that happy, still looking at my gash she stitched up.  She leans forward and kisses me sweetly, and I have to grumble because I know we don’t have time for more at this point.  We both get up and take our stuff into the showers.  Having the warm water run through the stitches, I try not to wince and cringe at the fact that it’s stinging like a motherfucker.  Trying to wash myself with one hand proves not to be as easy as it looks, but I manage somehow.   After drying, brushing my teeth and shaving, I make my way to our room.  I know she’s already there, because the shower cubicle next to mine was empty when I finally managed to finish.
  As I walk in, Angel is fully dressed and ready, but she is standing with her arms crossed over her chest with a not so happy look on her face.  I raise my eyebrow at her, not knowing what exactly has brought this on.
  She scowls at me and lets me have it.  “Connor, I don’t appreciate you lying to me, even if it is for my sake.”  What the hell is she going on about?  Crap, maybe she found out about me asking my dad to look into douche bag.  I mean, I was going to tell her anyway, just not yet. She continues.  “I heard how hard it was for you to shower on your own.  You don’t think I heard you wince?  Well I did.  And guess what, if showering was hard, how the hell did we manage to have sex without hurting you?”  God, I could so easily fall in love with this woman. Shaking my head and attempting not to laugh, I try to talk but she interrupts me.
  “No, no Connor, you aren’t winning this one.  NO more sex until you are fully healed.  Understood?  I won’t put your injuries at risk.”
  What the hell?  She is crazy if she thinks she is keeping that sexy body from me.  “No way, baby.  Nah, nah, that is not happening.  I can’t keep my hands off you.  How the hell am I supposed to say no to my dick after it’s already been inside you multiple times?  Let’s renegotiate.  We will go easy on my injuries, even though they have never hurt while we’ve been having hot wild monkey sex.  There are various ways to do it and avoiding my injuries.”  As I talk to her, I approach her and turn her around so her back is to my front.  I lean down and talk to her in a hushed tone into her ear. 
  “For instance, I can have you from behind, while my arm can snake around your body as I reach for that beautiful pink clit of yours, and yet get to lust over that amazing ass.  Or I can slide into you while we are spooning, and let my hands play with those amazing tits of yours, all while I’m sucking your neck on that favourite spot behind your ear that I know makes you all hot and wet.  Or you could ride me, like you have before and drive me insane and…”
She’s had enough and is panting heavily.  “Okay, I get it honey, but you have to stop.  Stop, or you’ll have me coming before you even touch me.”  She quickly turns and crashes her mouth to mine, all in mind not to hurt me too.  Before we know it, we’re both panting.  Putting our foreheads together, we look at each other and grin. 
  “Baby, we have to get some breakfast and then work.  So, to be continued, and no more silly ‘no sex’ talk.  Agreed?”  She shows me her beautiful white pearly teeth with a great big smile.  Thank god I could talk her out of that shit nonsense.  What the hell was she thinking anyway?

F O L L O W   C A R O L I N A:


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