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OF WINGED CREATURES & NESTING GROUNDS by A. Wilding Wells ...Book Review


Releases October 17th

S Y N O P S I S:


Trapped in a cage…

I was running against time and desperate to conquer my fears with my “don’t forget to be awesome” plan. 
One night, I was sulking over my uglier-than-homemade-sin life and reeling from another painful loss. As I thought about my new life, a handsome gent named Hunt Hardick sat next to me. He looked like a good start and was likely a hell of a finish. Suddenly, my plan took on a life of its own.

After a long day as one of San Francisco’s most prominent ob/gyns, I stopped at a bar for a bourbon and a mental break from my ex, who I couldn’t seem to bleach from my system. One glance at Happy’s tearstained angelic face and I was done. I’d never been a guy to turn down a stunning woman who also looked like a beautiful project. 

Hunt was a key in my locked cage that once opened meant I might fly away.

An emotionally charged, rich with feeling story about survival, triumph, and a girl named Happy Go Lucky who had a plan. A plan that didn’t include the ruggedly sexy gynecologist who inserted himself in her life.

M Y  R E V I E W:

THIS BOOK, IS WHY I READ... to be swept away, consumed, left completely fulfilled and satisfied from my head to my toes, yet yearning and starving for MORE MORE MORE.

Sitting here, beside myself in AWE, amazed and inspired by these characters that I'm quite certain had to have been written about ME for ME, because isn't it just the most amazing feeling, to step out side of yourself and be on the outside looking in. Even just to get just a glimpse of yourself through the words of another. But this wasn't just a glimpse it was a journey. THIS BOOK, IS WHY I READ. 

A. Wilding Wells knows me. She knows my heart, she knows, my soul, she knows my naughty secrets and my deepest desires. Have I ever spoken them to her out loud, no, but she just swan dove into my heart, and when she surfaced she wrote a tell-all story about what she found buried in there. I don't know how she did it you guys. But this story spoke to me, not just the events but the characters, and not just the characters, but their words, and not just their words but the pattern which they were told, they laid down road maps around my heart and then took up residence there. THIS BOOK, IS WHY I READ.

Not just the destination, which is ultimately: LOVE...But the JOURNEY, weather it be a painful one filled with conflict, pain and tears, or an uplifting one filled with laughs, adventure and silliness, we read for the journey. Right?! Well let me tell you, in Of Winged Creatures and Nesting Grounds A. Wilding Wells took us on a journey you won't soon forget. Pain,  conflict, tears? Check. Check. Check. All there. Laughs, adventure and silliness? Check. Check and Double Check, it had all those too! Adorable banter, unexpected sexy naughty doctor,swoony swoony sweetness, and unwavering, inspiring, untouchable LOVE? You don't even know the half of it girlfriend... THIS BOOK IS WHY I READ all of the other books in hopes that one day... maybe just maybe I would stumble upon THIS ONE. This is the one you guys. 

Luckily for us, bibliophiles... we have the pleasure of falling time and time again. Some books fall flat, some books push you over the ledge and let you plunge to your demise, while THIS BOOK right here, it gives you wings, while it encourages you to step off the edge it also allows you to spread your wings and glide through the story, enjoying the the view and the anticipation of things to come. The story takes flight with you, the characters bend and twist and soar and sail, and fall and fall and fall, and you're right there with them throughout their decent. And it is just so totally and completely absolutely BEAUTIFUL. THIS BOOK, THIS STORY, THIS JOURNEY, THIS AUTHOR IS WHY I LOVE TO READ WITH ALL MY HEART.

Thanks for listening to me try to find words for these feelings. Finding words to describe someone else's life changing words often leaves me a rambling mess, all I really want to say about this book is please, please please fall with me...READ IT!  



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